Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 Days Drawing Challenges part 2

Day 16 - Inspiration
They're everywhere!

Day 17 - Fave Plant
Love at first sight :)

Day 18 - Just A Doodle
Somehow she just popped out of my mind. I hope I drew her right... She's all pink ay? My favorite Pretty Soldier :)

Day 19 - Something New
I missed a couple day hix I already drew the related topic but didn't have time to upload it :(
so here's my something new, small cake spatula, haven't got the time to used it though...

Day 20 - Something Orange
Pirates of Caribbean bandana, I used it to cover my printer hehe

Day 21 - Something You Want
I want mixer, table, oven, I want to travel the world, I want Harry Potter Books and DVD set, Friends DVD set...
I want so many thing and I just realize, to pursue all that, I need MONEY!!! So...
I want MONEY...!!! Hahahaha

Day 22 - Something You Miss
Today's drawing challenges hahahaha

Day 23 - Something You Need
A new wallet hahaha my old one is a bit dirty and yellow-ish and torn in a few places

Day 24 - A Couple

Day 25 - Scenery
The lonely cotton candy cherry blossom tree, the clear night sky, and the moon...

Day 26 - Something You Don't Like

Day 27 - Someone You Love
My silly mom :D

Day 28 - Anything You Like
I like the atmosphere at my living room around 3-5 PM. The breeze... The light... The sound of the wind chime... So peaceful :)

Day 29 - Place(s) You Want To Go
Venice, Japan, and of course, Hogwarts :D

Day 30 - A Congratulation Banner For Finishing The Challenges
Thank you, thank you very much... You all too kind..
*ngayal ngimpi ga jelas* ;p

Monday, December 6, 2010

30 Days Drawing Challenges part 1

A dear friend of mine tagged me on a 30 days drawing challenge, well, why not? It's really not about how skillful or show off or anything, purely just for fun.

Hehehe it's been 15 days, and this is what I drew so far...

Day 1 - Myself...
Myself today, I started it with a painful headache but strangely I had a good mood. Thanx to Bruno Mars - Count on Me :)

Day 2 - Fave Animal
I always love kitties and puppies and hamsters and squirrels and bunnies and pandas and other cute animals but my heart belong to Siberian Husky :)

Day 3 - Fave Food
It's against nature just to mention 1 specific food!!!
So I deliberated myself to put my fave foods according to their type hohoho

Western Food - Steak - Tenderloin with BBQ Sauce
Chinese Food - Dim Sum - Xiao Lung Bao
Japanese Food - Sushi - anything with Unagi
Vietnamese Food - Pho - Pho Bo Tai
Dessert - Ice Cream - Chocolate or Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Sauce and almonds
Indonesian Food - Jajanan Pasar - Tahu Gejrot
Mom's Food - Snack - Fried Mushrooms
Last but not least...
Fruits - Baby Oranges and Xiang Li

Day 4 - Fave Place
What more can I say ;)

Day 5 - Best Friends
I've met a lot of friends throughout the years and these are the people who was and or been dear to me :)

Day 6 - Fave Books
Harry Potter Series, Shopaholic Series, Disney's Fairies Series, last but not least, MANGA!!! All Kyoko Hikawa's Series ;)

Day 7 - Fave Movies
Blah... Can't decide just 1 favorite movie of all time.

Day 8 - Fave Animated Character
Totoro Totoro... Totoro Totoro... \(>v<)/
Take me up, up, and fly away on your giant spinner toy

Day 9 - Fave TV Show
Tan tarantan taran tan tan taran... Tan tarantan taran tan tan TAN... Ta ran...
*humming Baby Elephant Walk*

Day 10 - Fave Candy
Permennya Cintaaa... halah

Day 11 - Turning Point in My Life
The moment when I had to walk through this door almost everyday for nearly 1 month and it was just the beginning...

Day 12 - Most Recent Accomplishment
Coloring using Corel Painter yaaaay!!!
Only manage to learn a teeny weeny part of using watercolor brushes, hopefully can learn a lot more of their variety type of brushes ;)

Day 13 - Comic
Errr... karena ga ngerti maksudnya apa dan bingung antara menggambar diri ala komik, menggambar komik kesukaan atau apa gitu, akhirnya bikin komik dodol dhe ;p

Day 14 - Fave Fairytale
Sleeping Beauty

Day 15 - Family Pictures
Just me and my mum and oh my younger brother, wherever he is...

So far, I manage to keep on the schedule, 1 drawing per day. This week is gonna be a very busy week, hopefully I can keep it up.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chocolate Cheesecake Optical Illusion

Weird title? Yeah, I just realized that the below plate looks as big as the upper one hahaha truth is, it's 1/4 smaller.

Made this for my friend's potluck thanksgiving dinner. Rumor said many people bring dessert, but what harm can be done by 1 more chocolate cheesecake, ay? ;p

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmasty Red Velvet Cake

I loveeeeeeeeee Cake Boss. Buddy Valastro and his team are AMAZING!!!!!
I wish someday I can go to Hoboken, see their whole progress of making any gigantic cake or maybe become one of the decorator hahahaha

Well, I was watching Cake Boss and wondering about Red Velvet Cake. So I decided to make one hehehe I know it's too early but don't know what other reason to decorate them beside in Christmas theme ;p

Just a simple Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting :)
Got the recipe from Joy of Baking.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Cake Pop

2 more days before Halloween…

2 more days before the end of Little Betsy Baker’s Halloween Cake Pops Competition and I just sent my entry this morning fufufu

I started to collect every info that I need to make cake pops on Wednesday night (http://www.bakerella.com/. She’s so talented!!!), bought some ingredients and preparing the paper dolls. I made a draft of the halloween character I want to make, which character with which colored coating and which colored fondant to use. This is what I hope my Cake Pops to be...

I baked on Thursday morning and continue until late night. This is my first time make cake pops and like most of first timer, everything was a disaster hahaha

First, I couldn’t coat the cake pops smoothly. I dipped it again and again. And I also used palette knife but it didn’t do much help. I guess there’s something wrong with my candy melts, or maybe it’s just my-stupid-self hahaha

Second, some cake balls slide from the top of the stick to the styrofoam. And I was just thinking, “why did I put it upside down?” hahaha it was midnight and I couldn’t think straight.

Third, I didn’t know to make each cake pops really took time, in the end of the day I only manage to decorate 10 cake pops of 5 characters :(

Fourth, this morning, when I want to take their pictures, THEY FELL!!! OOOHHH NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!
I already sticked them to their cupcakes, put them on the tray so I can remove them from the dining table to living room (my living room at morning has more sunlight than dining room, so I can took better picture). They fell a second before they arrived at my DIY tabletop studio huhuhuhuhu

If you looked closely, you’ll notice that the vampire head’s were oval and he’s a little bit shorter than the others. The mummy’s stick pass through his head. And Frankenstein, oh Frankenstein, dear Frankenstein, the accident hit him hardest. He broke his left leg, lost his bolts, and cracked his head. But he’s ok. He’s ok. He’s one true survivor. Strong Frankenstein he is.

Hahahahahaha trick or treat…!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Swiss Swirl Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

I accidentally found this recipe when I surfed the net. It looks really nice and I think it will be very yummy and hope it will be a lovely belated birthday cake for my dearest silly friend :)

My first attempt on making the roll cake was a disaster. The web said to devide the mixture into 2 baking pans equally. I did that... I think hahaha the cake was too thin at 1 of the baking pans. When I remove the baking paper, the cake still attached to the paper and got tear up :(
The cake at the second baking pans was okay. I carefully rolled them since it too was really thin.

I then make another roll cake since one rolled roll cake didn't enough for 1 bowl. This time I used wider baking pan (hahaha my other stupid mistake). The cake turned out not really thin this time but not normal either, a little bit too big maybe hahaha if you look at the picture you'll know what I mean :D

The roll cakes at the bottom have less roll than the upper roll cakes hahaha anyway, I didn't do anything with the ice cream. To tell the truth, I'm too tired to mixed the ice cream ;p

So, the final result;
1 layer of chocolate roll cake
1 layer of whipped cream
1 layer of chocolate chip ice cream
1 layer of chocolate ganache
and another layer of chocolate chip ice cream

Hmmmmmmmm... ;9

Exactly 1 month after your birthday, silly Wai hahaha hope you like it!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Silly Batman & Catwoman

A friend asked me to make a cake with Batman and Catwoman fondant figure.
My first reaction, "You want what...?!"
Hahahaha I told her I couldn't make a cool-awesome figure, the Batman and Catwoman will looked silly, very very silly in my hand. But she said it's okay, it was just for fun.
Well then, it's our funeral.

Batman corporate colors is black and yellow. Yellow fondant is easy. But Black fondant... (-_____________________-)
My hands almost fell off from kneading it. In the middle of kneading, I ran out of black food coloring so I mixed all the food coloring I had. And them come the next disaster, the black fondant became too sticky and a little bit too soft to be shaped, too much liquid food coloring. Not to mention about the wrong size of the head. Aaaarrggghhhh I frustrated!!!

Breath in... Breath out... Sing some song out loud and let's started again :D

So here's it is, the Silly Batman & Catwoman cake.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tonari no Totoro

Totoro Totoro, Totoro Totoro...
Why are you so adorable... ~(>v<)~

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Another birthday girl, another pinkish pinky pink cake ;p
It was a short notice but since the uncle didn't mind with simple thing, so I just made teddy bear in the middle of flower garden, pink flowers of course hahaha and a little bit of white :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Pink! Pink! Pink! All Pink for 1 year old Sachiko \(^o^)/
The proud mama is my high school friend's older sister. At first she wanted cupcakes to celebrate the happy day and asked me to make some examples.

But then she changed her mind and asked for 7 inch-round cake. She showed me some picture of the cake she wanted to be. I don't feel too good to copy someone else's cake but the customer is a king, right? Beside, the example cake was so pretty, I don't think I can keep up with that hahahaha

And this was the best I can do :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I got brainwashed by that word hahaha a line that been said by 1 cute minion from the movie Despicable Me.

This week, a dear friend of mine had been craving for my chocolate ganache cupcakes for a while. And there's this lunatic woman asked me to make "Mr. Happy" cupcakes for her friend's bachelorette party. I was planning to craved the "Mr. Happy" from a cake but it was too big for cupcakes decoration so I just made them from a lot of buttercream.

Since I got too many cake left. So I decided to make a minion. Papoy!!!
I forgot which one is this. I only remember Kevin, the one that had been shrunk by Gru. My favorite is the one that glow in the dark, after he had been cracked and shook by his friend inside the wind tunnel hahahaha

Then, since there was a little bit cake crumbs from craving the cake, I made them into simple rum balls covered with chocolate sprinkles. Round 1...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Don't you love to do prank? Not a mean prank or stupid prank, it was just-for-fun prank hihihi ^^

There's this lovely couple whose getting married on Sunday. And they held a rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Me and my friend, RD, thought it would be nice to do something before they were officially married. I suggest to throw cream on their faces and she agreed. We gathered our accomplice. But plan was on and off, because some afraid that the bride won't like her flawless-skin-spa-treatment, trim-manicure-and-pedicure nails, beautiful dress, perfect hair do and splendid make up to be ruined 2 days before the D-Day hahaha I will be pissed off if I'm the bride. So we decided to do the prank only on the groom.

So, it was a cake marathon for me hahaha 3 days after working on the Royal Wave Threadless Cake competition, I continued to make the butter cream "cake" on Friday morning. My first experience with butter cream. Not so smooth. I struggled nearly one and a half hour just to find the correct consistency. But the coloring and decorating was fine. I tried to make it looks like their wedding invitation. Purple with pink and white leaf stamp.

3 cm styrofoam and 3 cm butter cream. Pretty neat, huh? ;)

Then I swirled some purple whipped cream and chocolate ganache on top of the chocolate cupcakes which I baked on late Thursday night. Well, I think it only be fair if I really made a real cake after we tricked them with the fake ones hehehe

7 PM, me and RD arrived at the bride's house. The groom's dad gave some speech so we have to tippy-toe to the living room, barefooted. Then inside the house, we just realized everybody all dress up with their shinny shoes. Damn! We had to get out and put on our flip flops. RD thought we won't need shinny shoes since everybody gonna barefooted inside the house. Eee, wrong!

8 PM, everybody started to eat and mingle.

9 PM, everybody still eat and mingle.

10 PM, it's getting late and not to much crowd. Time to get started the evil plan mwahahaha me and RD pretend to go home since I forgot something. Took the cream "cake" and the cupcakes. Put them inside RD's car. Back at the bride's house. Pretend there's something wrong with the car's wheel. Made some scene so people got out from the house to the garage. Present the "cake" to the couple. The groom and some people smelled something fishy. But we kept the straight face. Everybody forgot about the wheel and focusing on the "cake".

So far so good. We let the couple took some pictures with the "cake". At that time, the bride was holding the cake so RD told the groom to hold it. After the groom held the cake RD told him that he held it the wrong way. RD step forward, pretend to fix the position and YIHAAA!!!

1st attempt not so smooth, tsk, the groom had a nice reflex. So RD had to do it 1 more time, followed by the best men and the groom's best friend hahahaha it was a success!!! After that we watched the groom chased the bride while she's screaming, "nooooo... not my haaaaiiirrrr...!!!" =))

The bride still afraid when I present her the cupcakes. Hahahaha I'm sorry guys, it's all just for fun, no hurt feelings, ok? Peace (^o^)v

I'm not sure why we love to trick this couple, but we string sprayed them again late Sunday night at their wedding ballroom hahahaha

Wishing you guys a happy marriage, hoping that your life together will be rich in joy and love and be happy ever after!

My First Cake Competition

The Royal Wave Threadless Cake.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ni Hao!

At first I wasn't interested to go to China, I still had bad memories about their... ehem public toilet... First time I went to China was about 10 years ago. I enjoyed my trip, love the scenery, love the foods, love their art&crafts. I almost love everything about them until 1 moment when I had to go to the restroom. It really shocked me. The partition was made from thin layer of plywood. Instead of door there was a linen that had been nailed to the plywood. There were 4 nails, 2 on the each left and right upper corner and 2 at the bottom. And the linen was very short, kids or short people could see your precious thing when you squat. And it was windy, my linen wouldn't attached very well, what the... I had to asked my mum to hold it in place. And the smell oooooouuuwwww I better not talk about that (-_________-)

Beside of that, China is a great country. I always love their show performance, dancing or circus or any mixed of those two, AMAZING!!! Not fond of the singing though since I don't understand the language. Also love the painting and crafting or other arty things. Love their souvenirs stuff. Most of them are very nice and cheap! Hahahaha

This time, it was 8 days trip by bus around south of China. Started from Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Hezhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, Wuzhou, and back to Guangzhou.

First Day, 21 June 2010
Arrived at Guangzhou airport went straight to Zhaoqing, took about 3 hours by bus. When arrived at Zhaoqing it was too late to visit any place hahaha so just we rest at the hotel after 5 hours on plane. FYI, the public toilet didn't change much, the smell were still the same, no water nor tissue, but the plywood partition had been change into porcelain and of course, still no doors hahahaha well, not all public toilet like that but most of them are :D

Second Day, 22 June 2010
Zhaoqing to Hezhou, a very looooong journey by bus, it took almost 6 hours, goodness... We visited Shibashui Waterfall and Linfeng Square. Nothing special, it's only ordinary waterfall and ordinary square. The hotel looked more interesting to me hahaha

big rock at the entrance of shibashui waterfall

the entrance of shibashui waterfall

the hotel lobby

what seem to be some old time governor chair

Ah ya, to make things more exciting, funny story of the day, the electricity went off in the middle of dinner time for nearly 90 minutes hahahaha

So far, the trip was OK but my mood was ruined not by anything related from China but from the people inside the group. Smelly public toilet or long journey by bus nothing compared a bunch of grumpy old people. They always complained about everything. I think I never heard 1 single good thing or anything beside complaining from their mouths. BAH!

Third Day, 23 June 2010
Hezhou to Guilin. Guilin was famous for its scenic spots. First stop was Elephant Trunk Hill and Fubo Hill. Then went to some medicine factory. After that watched Dream of Lijiang, some chinese acrobatic and ballet performance before went to the hotel.

stone wall of elephant history

funny road sign inside the elephant trunk hill

big elephant shaped rock

cormorant birds for rent

traditional costumes for rent

funky oma posed with rented costume in front of elephant trunk hill

inside the fubo hill cave

dried flying gecko at some medicine factory

blind old man playing erhu for a penny

The hotel... The hotel was magnificent!!! One magnificent museum hotel. Big red gate, red pillars, gold ornaments, wood crafting furnitures, old chinese painting... Lo~ooooooooooooo~ve it!!!

the hotel lobby

the hotel lobby ceiling

details on one of the wood crafting furniture

nicely cut deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce

Forth Day, 24 June 2010
Got up early so I can take a walk around the hotel. It still amazes me ;p

view from the hotel restaurant

what seem to be old time royal chair at the hotel lobby

another wood crafting furniture

Today, we went to see Panda at Seven Star Park, super cute!!! Kyaaaaa!!! Also the little red panda, cuteness overload!!! Aaaa~aaaaaa~aaaaa!!! I'm so happy to see them. I spent almost 30 minutes just watching them. Didn't care if it was drizzle or buy any of the panda souvenir coz the real one sooooo much better. Funny story of the day, I saw a Panda scratching his butt against his wooden house hahahaha.

yum yum yum

what are you looking for little things?

After that went visit some tea and silk factory before traveling around the 4 Lakes in downtown area to enjoy the night view.

dried tea leaves tower

silk lady workers

the beautiful sun and moon tower by the lake

Fifth Day, 25 June 2010
Last day at the museum hotel, quick, shoot as many pictures as I can hahaha

hi there, can you see me?

the hotel front door guardian

the big red door door knob

Still got time to go around the hotel before leaving to Yangshuo. Met a group of people doing taichi. Funny story of the day, they were facing me backward when I took the 1st picture. Had to walk around the park so I can see their faces but then, they also turned around. Again, facing me backward hahaha waited for 5 mins then gave up and back to the hotel.

Yangshuo is a nice small town. The air's so clean and refreshing. Many older women sold plums and peaches along the way. Cheap and very juicy. After had lunch, we went to visit the Crown Cave. The view was amazing... Love the lightning effect on the limestones. From the cave, the journey went on to the famous Li River.

1 plate for 3 yuan


magical fairy forest...

limestone parade along the li river

small path through the villagers houses to go back to the bus

From Li River we went on to the hotel. On the way, all you can see is green; green leaves, green trees, green fields, very soothing. Later at night, finally got the real time to shopping at the West Street Night Market hahaha shop shop shop till you drop.

view from inside the bus

nice and clean west street night market

Sixth Day, 26 June 2010
Got some time to walk around the hotel before leaving to Wuzhou.

local wet market near the hotel

a very serious little girl doing her homework at some local noodle shop

"look grandpa, i'm taller now"

funny baby boy with his baldy grandpa

a very loaded souvenir bicycle vendor

Stopped by at some place to enjoy the view of Yangshuo River by bamboo boat. Our local Yangshuo River tour guide sang along they way to some other bamboo boat. 3 funny old men showed up and they did some little performance.

they always bounced their shoulder every time they had stupid fake laugh

notice the sleeping lady shaped limestone mountain behind the boat rower?

fisherman with his cormorant birds

crunchy water chestnut to much while enjoying the view

our lovely restaurant for today's lunch time

Wuzhou main spot was the Temple of Dragon's Mother. It was raining and we just had 20 minutes to explore since they were about to close.

the temple front gate guardian

the wishing tree

can you see the golden dragon's mother statue?

the little turtles in the wishing pond were dancing because of the pouring rain

daydreaming mr stone dragon

street alley at wuzhou

view from window hotel

night view of old buildings

Seventh Day, 27 June 2010
Another looooooong trip to Guangzhou. There, we went to enjoy the boat tour at Star Lake and Yuexiu Park, the park of 5 rams statue, the symbol of Guangzhou city. It was drizzled and foggy hix not much to see. After that went to the famous Shangxiajiu shopping street. I forgot to stop and took some picture, concentrate too much on shopping thing hahahahaha.

elderly people having breakfast at the hotel restaurant after their taichi session

a very huge lock to secure a motorcycle hahaha

"is it straight yet?"

Eighth Day, 28 June 2010
Woooooaaaaah, it's already 8 days!!! Time sure flew so fast, my... Overall, I really enjoy China. Maybe someday I can go visit some other city and other scenic spots. And maybe, when that time arrive, the public toilets can be more civilized hahahaha

8 days full course meals

1 course meal had mostly 8 to 10 dishes and those 2 stupid babbling old men and 1 baboon madame still complaining. Not only food, they also complained about the tour schedule, the scenic spots, this, that, everything! They also loved to talk to each other with loud voices while the tour guide tried to explained today's plans. Not forget to ask what's today's plan after the tour guide finished her speech. Geezzz what an ungrateful ignorant creatures!