Thursday, December 24, 2009

Early Holidays

On 19th Dec, my bestest friend tied the knot after 8 years built relationship with her boyfriend. Yaaay, finally!!! Me and other 5 girls got the honor to be the bridesmaids. The wedding was held on one of the beautiful island in Indonesia, Bali. There's only mean 1 thing... EARLY HOLIDAYS!!!

Before the D-Day, there was sooo much things to do. Bought and made flower headbands for the bridesmaids, went find white stockings and ehem corset, planned the journey, booked hotel and driver, finished all the jobs, packing etc etc suddenly it's already time to depart. Waw waw waw waw waw I was sooo excited, couldn't manage to get some sleep hahahaha

Thursday, December 17 2009
Our flight departed at 0635AM from Jakarta and arrived in Bali around 0930AM local time. First stop, fitting the dress. My dress was a little too big, so it need some adjustment. After that, straight to Ibu Oka restaurant at Ubud to enjoy the most delicious suckling pig in the whole world (according to Anthony Bourdain) hahaha

Yummmm... Mission accomplished, next destination, Bali Bird Park. I wasn't a big fans of birds, coz they poo almost anytime anywhere hahaha but the park was really nice and clean and they got many exotic birds, so colorful :)

Watched those birds fly got us hungry again hahaha actually we just need to go to 1 last place before went back to our hotel which almost took 2 hours by cars. The place called Naughty Nuri. It served Baby Back Ribs. And it was goooood... Oh so goooooood... Very sweet and tender and juicy, SUPERB!!!

Later that night, I had to do the fitting once again. This time, the dress fitted hahahaha

Friday, December 18 2009
Since tomorrow we'll be very busy, the early plan was to go to Dreamland beach and relax. But the driver suggest us to do the water sports since December 20th was Sunday, the place would be very crowded. I didn't like that plan, water sports must be exhausting. We need to be fresh on the wedding day. Plus, I didn't want to look too tanned!!! Hahahaha but, we did it anyway.

We went parasailing, tubing, and diving. It was amazing!!! I love diving and feeding the fishes, tropical fishes, they're so cute. But I couldn't find Nemo :(

After did all that, we were sooo tired but still pushed ourself to go to Dreamland even only for 1 hours hahaha coz after Dreamland, we need to go to Uluwatu, watched Kecak dance and enjoying sunset.

Kecak is the most unique Bali dances. No music or instruments to go with the dance therefore there are 70 men giving their best voices and fill the open stage throughout the performance.

The beautiful sunset...

After that, we went back to the city and had dinner at Ibu Chandra, another suckling pig restaurant but to me, Ibu Oka still the best d(^o^)b

Saturday, December 19 2009

Woke up at 4AM and couldn't move my neck, what the...?!?! Guess that's the water sports' effect hahahaha we're like robotic bridesmaids and best man hahahaha but all of us manage to put a big smile on our faces.

Congratulations on your wedding my dear WaiWai and Xuria!!! :')
Wishing you a wonderful beginning and love to last a lifetime! \(^o^)/

Sunday, December 20 2009
No after party yesterday but there's a brunch for today :D
All bridesmaids and best men and closest friends shared stories of yesterday event. And of course, the famous line from the happy couple, " YOU'RE NEXT!" hahahaha

Later, me and my friends went shopping for souvenirs at Kampung Bali and Krisna. And then went to have some snack, Sate Penyu (Turtle Satay). Of course it's not the real turtle, it was just a simple pork on sticks. Look good, smell good, taste goooood...

Then, we went to Discovery Mall to enjoy the sunset. The Mall located by the beach. People can took pictures, played some kite or just sit and relax there.

For dinner we went to Bubba Gump Restaurant. It was inspired from the movie, Forrest Gump. The exterior was amazing, not to mention the interior.

The foods was okay, not so bad, not that good. A little bit expensive though. But I love the dessert, Cookies Sundaes.

Monday, December 21 2009
Last day in Bali ooh how time flies...
Let's enjoy the beach for the last time...
Let's eat the fabulous meals one more time...
And shopping shopping shopping till you drop ;p

It was a BLAST! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wipo, The Dirt Van

Just finished what supposed to be last week illustration hehehe
Story about an old van that been modified into library for kids.
I don't like drawing cars or buildings or any modern things, never quiet understand why...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Christmas Time is Here

Yesterday was a bit tiring but happy day :D
My childhood friend from Ausie came. We've first met at some school project, 5th grade Elementary School. She and her family move to Perth in the middle of 1st year Junior High. But she always come back to Jakarta each year around Christmas or New Year. The first time she visited after she left Jakarta for Perth, she brought me candy cane and chocolate. That's the first time I knew candy cane and loving it since hahahaha I know, childish, but can't help it ;p
Ever now and then, she always brought candy cane and chocolate, always different flavored, mint, cherry, chocolate hahaha love you, Aileen *hug*

We were suppose to watch movie and meet at 10 o'clock at her house. I want to surprise her with some cupcakes. Woke up at 7 am and started decorate the cupcakes (already bake them the night before). I miscalculated (and a bit underestimated) the timing. I didn't expect it took 4 hours to decorate them. But I was overjoy with the final result. To me, it was wonderful. I'm happy and so did she. Yaaay!!!

We went to see Ninja Assassin with her brother, Andre and her cute cousin, Jessica. I was a brutal movie (@_@) part of body sliced and flew here and there, blood scatter everywhere, Jessica kept shrieking on every fighting scene hahahaha I was a little bit shock at first but couldn't help to laugh when the blood burst like tomato sauce. No, I'm not some lunatic sadistic but to me it didn't look realist. Thank goodness for that or I'll be scare like Jessica. I hate horror movies and blood. Give me chills...

After that we went home, I had to attend my Japanese language. The time's short, I drove to the place as fast as I could but haiyah it was cancelled coz the sensei couldn't come. Grrr... Drove back to home and went to sleep. Woke up around 7 PM, right about time to watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE season 4 on AXN. I know it's last season but didn't complaint coz I always love to see people dancing. I'm crazy about this 1 contestant, Mark Kanemura kyaaaa he's so cute and talented. I like him from his first audition but fell in love when he picked up his nose in front of the camera. OH MY GOD, DID HE REALLY DO THAT?! Hahahahaha
I always love cute cooky guy :)

Later that night, went to nearby mall to meet my friend. Love the Christmas decoration inside the mall. Teddy bears everywhere!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Poor green thing...

Today, when I just got up, my mum asked me, "where's the kitchen timer?".
Me with only half of my soul answered, "I ate it last night, I was hungry..."
And then she went crazy and blabbering something about... "cooking without timer is like blind people walking."
I'm not sure what's that mean hahahaha

At the afternoon she already bought exactly the same kitchen timer like the old one. Almost felt like nothing happen. Bye-bye old kitchen timer, thank you for remind us about the baking, roasting, stewing, frying, and other cooking time.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Seven Fairies

Finally I got a story about fairies
~(^o^)~ *happy octopus dance*
I always love fairies. My inner child believe they're real hahaha
I spent too much time and effort drawing the flower garden, didn't realize tomorrow's the dateline aaaaarrrrghhhhh!!!
A little bit disappointed about the fairies' costumes hix I wish I could give them pretty gowns not simple dresses :'(

Saturday, November 28, 2009

1 carrot, 2 carrots, 3 carrots, 4 carrot cupcakes

My friend came by yesterday to learn how to make a carrot cake. I never made any carrot cake before so it was the first time for both of us hahaha and turned out, it was ok :D
There's some leftover of the ingredients so I decided to make carrot cupcakes.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chocolate Christmas Wreath

Made some artwork for Kreatif Magazine, kids-art&craft-magazine, December issue. Christmas time, yaaaay!!! Simple Christmas Wreath made from chocolate balls, easy to make and pretty :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Irish Cream Cheesecake

It was perfect..
Looked good, chocolatey-beautiful round shape...


It ruined!
I should know it was too early to cut it, but it looked firm hix..

The cookie-based scrambled. The cream distorted. The caker screamed in frustration, "NOOoO~ooOoO~OoOoOoooOOOooOoO!!!

I tried to fix it but it got worst. I almost cried but I wasn't going to give up.
Took some plastic glass and scoop what's left of the cake into it. Gave a little whipped cream and cute decoration. Put it together with cute stuffed animals and here it is...

Oggy the hedgehog and Abby the rabbit enjoying their Irish Cream Cheesecake in a pot (^ ^)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Totoro & Sushi

September's a busy month, so many birthdays hahaha
I made this one for Mrs Vanda-san, my lovely editor.

And this one for my partner in crime at the office, Sinta.
She has a daschund named Sushi.

Brownies Cupcakes with chocolate cream for die hard chocolate lover hihihi...
I'm having a hard time making Satsuki's hair (the girl on the up right corner from the first photo) couldn't get the right color and shape hikz... But at least it resemble her... Or not? You be the judge (-_____-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monkey Business

Green Tea cupcakes for monkey of the year. Happy Birthday Therry!!! :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBQ minestrone soup

What a loooooong week (-_______-¡)
Had to finish 5 errr.. 6, I don't know, maybe 7 illustration non stop.
This is only mean 1 thing...

Remember the red bean? It finally end up in what so called minestrone :D
I'm not sure what to call this soup... Combination of BBQ red bean, meatballs, carrots, onion, and a little bit of tomato sauce.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Salad and Chicken

Mum's friend gave us some mayonnaise last week and we had to finish it before it expired. So I made some salad for last night dinner together with pan fried lemon chicken and mushroom. Turn out it was cheese mayonnaise. I'm not a big fan of cheese except for mozarella, love the gooey thing. I mixed 1/2 tsp condensed milk with 2 tbsp mayo. Tasted ok :D

After that, went to see a movie with a friend. The Hangover hahahaha it's hilarious! Both of us fell in love with the Leslie Chow character.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Princess and The Golden Comb

Made an illustration for some kids magz. I don't know the exact title for this story. It's about a guy named Juanito who saw a beautiful lady on the bottom of a well. The lady supposed to be a princess but she was cursed by the evil witch. This Juanito manage to break the curse and rescued the princess with a little help from a dog, an eagle, and an ant.
Does anybody know about this mexican folktales?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garden Party

Last weekend my niece from Surabaya came. She and her big bro was having an appointment with their eye doctor. It was a very very short trip for them but I made a promise to bake her strawberry cupcakes for her next trip to Jakarta. I never make any strawberry cupcakes before. So, I Google and found some random recipe and made little adjustment.
So there I was. 7AM in the morning with table full of ingredients. Mixed, swift, fold, bake. My cousin-in-law told me she should be coming around 12 at noon for lunch. But suddenly she had to canceled it because her son was having fever. They will be leaving the hospital at 10AM. I looked at the clock and it was 9AM. I should be able to catch them. The hospital wasn't that far from home. Luckily the cupcakes already set, only need a little decoration. Strawberry jam, cookie crumble, cute fondant and chop chop chop it's harvest time!!!

Hahahaha I was inspired from Hello, Cupcake!
And I choose those theme because my cousin love to play Farmville.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hi there people :)

I don't know how to start this blog so maybe I just tell you a little bit about myself. I like to watch movies, reading, and drawing, sometimes baking, others doing some art and craft project but not writing hahaha... My writing skill's very poor so please forgive me for the grammars and oh so little vocabulary and maybe if I lost you in my blabbering ;p

Couple of weeks ago, my childhood friend from Perth came and I though it was a good time to try my new buttermilk and green tea powder which I purchased from some Food Festival. Time to bake mini cupcakes :D
I love mini cupcakes! They're so tiny. You can put them in your mount in just 1 bite. Munch munch munch and the next thing you know, you already finished 4 of it hahaha...

Turned out that the buttermilk powder make a flat surface. It didn't give the dough more power to rise than the green tea powder *sigh* but the smell sure build up the appetite hihihi...
A little whipped cream, color sprinkles and voila!

And here's for fun :D

I ran out of whipped cream for the big cupcakes hahaha...