Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pulau Pari (Stingray Island)

Last Saturday an old friend of mine suddenly asked if I want to go to Pulau Pari to replace him. At first I had to refuse the offer since I was suppose to have family gathering this Saturday but then mum agreed to change the date so I can go to Pulau Pari.

My last visit to an island was 10 years ago, I went to Ujung Kulon. Traveling to an island need extra attentions, almost like camping. You have to bring your own portable stove, foods, water, sleeping bag, etc. A little inconvenient but the view is always breathtaking :)

ujung kulon 2002

Luckily, this trip we stayed at some local villager's houses and they provide us with foods and water.

Meeting point was Port of Muara Angke at 6 PM. I met up with the rest of the team, it's 15 of us. We hopped to some fisherman's boat and try to squeeze ourselves with 70 other people. Try to make ourselves comfortable and get some sleep so we wouldn't get seasick.

Arrived at Pulau Pari around 9 AM. Walking around the island, had some lunch, then went snorkeling at 1 PM until 4 PM. Clean ourselves then had dinner and BBQ. End of day 1.

valley of the sun

always saw these but never knew what they called

silly yoga pose


Day 2, I woke up at 5 AM because my friend forgot to turned off her alarm from yesterday's setting and we decided to catch sunrise. We tried to wake the others but they didn't have the power to leave the bed hahahaha after capture some great pictures we just get back to sleep. Breakfast at 9 PM but we had to cycle to Pasir Perawan (Virgin Sand), plant some mangrove then get back and packed our belongings while waiting our boat to go back to Jakarta. Such a short trip but all of us had fun \(^v^)/ and got sun tan for sure ;p

the dock at sunrise 1

the dock at sunrise 2

the sunrise

the dock at sunrise 3

baby mangroves

pasir perawan

twin tower

lonely boat

fish trap?

the things I always saw but never knew what they called

the dock of pulau pari


fisherman go fishing

fisherman's bicycle

way back home

Monday, March 19, 2012

Owl & Owl Couple Cake

Finally I can make owl cake hihihi a little bit wrong at the proportion but they're still CUTE!