Sunday, October 10, 2010

Swiss Swirl Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

I accidentally found this recipe when I surfed the net. It looks really nice and I think it will be very yummy and hope it will be a lovely belated birthday cake for my dearest silly friend :)

My first attempt on making the roll cake was a disaster. The web said to devide the mixture into 2 baking pans equally. I did that... I think hahaha the cake was too thin at 1 of the baking pans. When I remove the baking paper, the cake still attached to the paper and got tear up :(
The cake at the second baking pans was okay. I carefully rolled them since it too was really thin.

I then make another roll cake since one rolled roll cake didn't enough for 1 bowl. This time I used wider baking pan (hahaha my other stupid mistake). The cake turned out not really thin this time but not normal either, a little bit too big maybe hahaha if you look at the picture you'll know what I mean :D

The roll cakes at the bottom have less roll than the upper roll cakes hahaha anyway, I didn't do anything with the ice cream. To tell the truth, I'm too tired to mixed the ice cream ;p

So, the final result;
1 layer of chocolate roll cake
1 layer of whipped cream
1 layer of chocolate chip ice cream
1 layer of chocolate ganache
and another layer of chocolate chip ice cream

Hmmmmmmmm... ;9

Exactly 1 month after your birthday, silly Wai hahaha hope you like it!!!

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