Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Cake Pop

2 more days before Halloween…

2 more days before the end of Little Betsy Baker’s Halloween Cake Pops Competition and I just sent my entry this morning fufufu

I started to collect every info that I need to make cake pops on Wednesday night ( She’s so talented!!!), bought some ingredients and preparing the paper dolls. I made a draft of the halloween character I want to make, which character with which colored coating and which colored fondant to use. This is what I hope my Cake Pops to be...

I baked on Thursday morning and continue until late night. This is my first time make cake pops and like most of first timer, everything was a disaster hahaha

First, I couldn’t coat the cake pops smoothly. I dipped it again and again. And I also used palette knife but it didn’t do much help. I guess there’s something wrong with my candy melts, or maybe it’s just my-stupid-self hahaha

Second, some cake balls slide from the top of the stick to the styrofoam. And I was just thinking, “why did I put it upside down?” hahaha it was midnight and I couldn’t think straight.

Third, I didn’t know to make each cake pops really took time, in the end of the day I only manage to decorate 10 cake pops of 5 characters :(

Fourth, this morning, when I want to take their pictures, THEY FELL!!! OOOHHH NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!
I already sticked them to their cupcakes, put them on the tray so I can remove them from the dining table to living room (my living room at morning has more sunlight than dining room, so I can took better picture). They fell a second before they arrived at my DIY tabletop studio huhuhuhuhu

If you looked closely, you’ll notice that the vampire head’s were oval and he’s a little bit shorter than the others. The mummy’s stick pass through his head. And Frankenstein, oh Frankenstein, dear Frankenstein, the accident hit him hardest. He broke his left leg, lost his bolts, and cracked his head. But he’s ok. He’s ok. He’s one true survivor. Strong Frankenstein he is.

Hahahahahaha trick or treat…!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Swiss Swirl Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

I accidentally found this recipe when I surfed the net. It looks really nice and I think it will be very yummy and hope it will be a lovely belated birthday cake for my dearest silly friend :)

My first attempt on making the roll cake was a disaster. The web said to devide the mixture into 2 baking pans equally. I did that... I think hahaha the cake was too thin at 1 of the baking pans. When I remove the baking paper, the cake still attached to the paper and got tear up :(
The cake at the second baking pans was okay. I carefully rolled them since it too was really thin.

I then make another roll cake since one rolled roll cake didn't enough for 1 bowl. This time I used wider baking pan (hahaha my other stupid mistake). The cake turned out not really thin this time but not normal either, a little bit too big maybe hahaha if you look at the picture you'll know what I mean :D

The roll cakes at the bottom have less roll than the upper roll cakes hahaha anyway, I didn't do anything with the ice cream. To tell the truth, I'm too tired to mixed the ice cream ;p

So, the final result;
1 layer of chocolate roll cake
1 layer of whipped cream
1 layer of chocolate chip ice cream
1 layer of chocolate ganache
and another layer of chocolate chip ice cream

Hmmmmmmmm... ;9

Exactly 1 month after your birthday, silly Wai hahaha hope you like it!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Silly Batman & Catwoman

A friend asked me to make a cake with Batman and Catwoman fondant figure.
My first reaction, "You want what...?!"
Hahahaha I told her I couldn't make a cool-awesome figure, the Batman and Catwoman will looked silly, very very silly in my hand. But she said it's okay, it was just for fun.
Well then, it's our funeral.

Batman corporate colors is black and yellow. Yellow fondant is easy. But Black fondant... (-_____________________-)
My hands almost fell off from kneading it. In the middle of kneading, I ran out of black food coloring so I mixed all the food coloring I had. And them come the next disaster, the black fondant became too sticky and a little bit too soft to be shaped, too much liquid food coloring. Not to mention about the wrong size of the head. Aaaarrggghhhh I frustrated!!!

Breath in... Breath out... Sing some song out loud and let's started again :D

So here's it is, the Silly Batman & Catwoman cake.