Monday, July 26, 2010


Don't you love to do prank? Not a mean prank or stupid prank, it was just-for-fun prank hihihi ^^

There's this lovely couple whose getting married on Sunday. And they held a rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Me and my friend, RD, thought it would be nice to do something before they were officially married. I suggest to throw cream on their faces and she agreed. We gathered our accomplice. But plan was on and off, because some afraid that the bride won't like her flawless-skin-spa-treatment, trim-manicure-and-pedicure nails, beautiful dress, perfect hair do and splendid make up to be ruined 2 days before the D-Day hahaha I will be pissed off if I'm the bride. So we decided to do the prank only on the groom.

So, it was a cake marathon for me hahaha 3 days after working on the Royal Wave Threadless Cake competition, I continued to make the butter cream "cake" on Friday morning. My first experience with butter cream. Not so smooth. I struggled nearly one and a half hour just to find the correct consistency. But the coloring and decorating was fine. I tried to make it looks like their wedding invitation. Purple with pink and white leaf stamp.

3 cm styrofoam and 3 cm butter cream. Pretty neat, huh? ;)

Then I swirled some purple whipped cream and chocolate ganache on top of the chocolate cupcakes which I baked on late Thursday night. Well, I think it only be fair if I really made a real cake after we tricked them with the fake ones hehehe

7 PM, me and RD arrived at the bride's house. The groom's dad gave some speech so we have to tippy-toe to the living room, barefooted. Then inside the house, we just realized everybody all dress up with their shinny shoes. Damn! We had to get out and put on our flip flops. RD thought we won't need shinny shoes since everybody gonna barefooted inside the house. Eee, wrong!

8 PM, everybody started to eat and mingle.

9 PM, everybody still eat and mingle.

10 PM, it's getting late and not to much crowd. Time to get started the evil plan mwahahaha me and RD pretend to go home since I forgot something. Took the cream "cake" and the cupcakes. Put them inside RD's car. Back at the bride's house. Pretend there's something wrong with the car's wheel. Made some scene so people got out from the house to the garage. Present the "cake" to the couple. The groom and some people smelled something fishy. But we kept the straight face. Everybody forgot about the wheel and focusing on the "cake".

So far so good. We let the couple took some pictures with the "cake". At that time, the bride was holding the cake so RD told the groom to hold it. After the groom held the cake RD told him that he held it the wrong way. RD step forward, pretend to fix the position and YIHAAA!!!

1st attempt not so smooth, tsk, the groom had a nice reflex. So RD had to do it 1 more time, followed by the best men and the groom's best friend hahahaha it was a success!!! After that we watched the groom chased the bride while she's screaming, "nooooo... not my haaaaiiirrrr...!!!" =))

The bride still afraid when I present her the cupcakes. Hahahaha I'm sorry guys, it's all just for fun, no hurt feelings, ok? Peace (^o^)v

I'm not sure why we love to trick this couple, but we string sprayed them again late Sunday night at their wedding ballroom hahahaha

Wishing you guys a happy marriage, hoping that your life together will be rich in joy and love and be happy ever after!

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