Saturday, October 2, 2010

Silly Batman & Catwoman

A friend asked me to make a cake with Batman and Catwoman fondant figure.
My first reaction, "You want what...?!"
Hahahaha I told her I couldn't make a cool-awesome figure, the Batman and Catwoman will looked silly, very very silly in my hand. But she said it's okay, it was just for fun.
Well then, it's our funeral.

Batman corporate colors is black and yellow. Yellow fondant is easy. But Black fondant... (-_____________________-)
My hands almost fell off from kneading it. In the middle of kneading, I ran out of black food coloring so I mixed all the food coloring I had. And them come the next disaster, the black fondant became too sticky and a little bit too soft to be shaped, too much liquid food coloring. Not to mention about the wrong size of the head. Aaaarrggghhhh I frustrated!!!

Breath in... Breath out... Sing some song out loud and let's started again :D

So here's it is, the Silly Batman & Catwoman cake.

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