Monday, May 16, 2011

Pygmalion Chocolate Rum Cake

Wanna try my new dome shaped cake pan and don't know what kind of cake to make. Then suddenly I saw my friend's company logo, PygmalionFashion Shop and BAM! I'm gonna made her a bird cage cake. Her birthday was in 4 days and her wedding day was the next day. It was gonna be a grrreat surprise for her.

I was making sure her schedule with her fiance. I know the situation gonna be hectic on the day before the big day. So, if I couldn't show the cake directly to her, then I had to leave it at her house but I didn't wanna do thaaaaat, I wanna see her face when I surprise her hehe luckily the groom-to-be was nice and really co-operate :D

A little problem when I was baking the dome shaped cake. I though since the dough a little bit thick, I had to bake it slowly with small fire. But after 15 mins, the cake didn't rise. I turned up the heat and it rise so high and cracked hahahaha

Other than that, everything else was going according to my plan, my calculation was correct. I was using 30x30 square pan to make 4 round cake (d=15cm) for the body of the bird cake and 1 dome shaped pan (h=7cm) to make the upper section of the bird cage cake. No trouble when covering the cake with fondant, fiuuuuh... And also I manage to finish it faster than my original plan woohoooo!!!

Time to surprise the birthday-bride-to-be hihihi

On the way to the surprise scene, which is surprisingly no traffic, I picked up a friend which I just suddenly called and asked to join me that afternoon hahaha everything was so sudden. We went to the rented apartment, I carried the bird cage cake, she knocked the door, the door was open, and there's the birthday-bride-to-be. She was surprise to see the both of us and I also surprise when I saw her sitting on floor with scatter flowers everywhere hahahaha she was making her own wedding bouquet.

She didn't realize the cake was her company logo until she stripped the box. Then she went crazy, grabbed her phone and started taking pictures, with flowers, without flowers hahahaha glad she likes it :)