Monday, December 6, 2010

30 Days Drawing Challenges part 1

A dear friend of mine tagged me on a 30 days drawing challenge, well, why not? It's really not about how skillful or show off or anything, purely just for fun.

Hehehe it's been 15 days, and this is what I drew so far...

Day 1 - Myself...
Myself today, I started it with a painful headache but strangely I had a good mood. Thanx to Bruno Mars - Count on Me :)

Day 2 - Fave Animal
I always love kitties and puppies and hamsters and squirrels and bunnies and pandas and other cute animals but my heart belong to Siberian Husky :)

Day 3 - Fave Food
It's against nature just to mention 1 specific food!!!
So I deliberated myself to put my fave foods according to their type hohoho

Western Food - Steak - Tenderloin with BBQ Sauce
Chinese Food - Dim Sum - Xiao Lung Bao
Japanese Food - Sushi - anything with Unagi
Vietnamese Food - Pho - Pho Bo Tai
Dessert - Ice Cream - Chocolate or Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Sauce and almonds
Indonesian Food - Jajanan Pasar - Tahu Gejrot
Mom's Food - Snack - Fried Mushrooms
Last but not least...
Fruits - Baby Oranges and Xiang Li

Day 4 - Fave Place
What more can I say ;)

Day 5 - Best Friends
I've met a lot of friends throughout the years and these are the people who was and or been dear to me :)

Day 6 - Fave Books
Harry Potter Series, Shopaholic Series, Disney's Fairies Series, last but not least, MANGA!!! All Kyoko Hikawa's Series ;)

Day 7 - Fave Movies
Blah... Can't decide just 1 favorite movie of all time.

Day 8 - Fave Animated Character
Totoro Totoro... Totoro Totoro... \(>v<)/
Take me up, up, and fly away on your giant spinner toy

Day 9 - Fave TV Show
Tan tarantan taran tan tan taran... Tan tarantan taran tan tan TAN... Ta ran...
*humming Baby Elephant Walk*

Day 10 - Fave Candy
Permennya Cintaaa... halah

Day 11 - Turning Point in My Life
The moment when I had to walk through this door almost everyday for nearly 1 month and it was just the beginning...

Day 12 - Most Recent Accomplishment
Coloring using Corel Painter yaaaay!!!
Only manage to learn a teeny weeny part of using watercolor brushes, hopefully can learn a lot more of their variety type of brushes ;)

Day 13 - Comic
Errr... karena ga ngerti maksudnya apa dan bingung antara menggambar diri ala komik, menggambar komik kesukaan atau apa gitu, akhirnya bikin komik dodol dhe ;p

Day 14 - Fave Fairytale
Sleeping Beauty

Day 15 - Family Pictures
Just me and my mum and oh my younger brother, wherever he is...

So far, I manage to keep on the schedule, 1 drawing per day. This week is gonna be a very busy week, hopefully I can keep it up.

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