Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thrandy and Thorin Sweeghetti

Let me indulge you with Thrandy and Thorin Sweet Spaghetti

Thrandy Sweeghetti are made from cream cheese to represent his gorgeous platinum long hair. Topped with sassy Vanilla ice cream then sprinkled with almonds and strawberry.  

Thorin Sweeghetti are made from dark chocolate, as dark as his majestic hair. Topped with Hershey’s ice cream coz everybody should give him lots and lots and lots of kisses to throw away his sorrow.

inspired from dudefoods and theidearoom


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fili and Kili Sweeghetti

Still in The Hobbit mood...

Proudly present Fili and Kili Sweet Spaghetti

Fili Sweeghetti are made from golden caramel, as gold as his beautiful blonde hair. Topped with Double-Dutch ice cream which contain some of the delicious toppings; brownies, cashew, and chocolate chunks that represent his amazing skill to hide many of his weapons under his clothes.

Kili Sweeghetti are made from heavenly chocolate-hazelnut spread, more known as nutella because his adorable smile will definitely bring anybody to cloud 9. Topped with Cookies&Cream ice cream which contain bits of oreo to represent his playfulness.
inspired from dudefoods and theidearoom


Also, I made these gif until 2.30AM. It's fun to learn something new although I got a massive headache from the lack of sleep when I went to work on the next day.


Original gif from claracivry 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

H. L. V.

It was literally flood everywhere after I watched S03 Ep03. Partly because of me, crying, but mostly because it was heavy raining the night before.

A week later, still flood here and there, but I got my bestest friends by my side. We mourn together, but one still refuse to join the party.

About S03 Ep02... *sigh~hhh~hhhhh*
It's the most glittering AND depressed episode... It's like you've been given wings to fly high, soar to the beautiful blue blue sky surrounded by rainbow and fluffy pink clouds but with no reason, you just sink and sinking and sinking and sinking and sinking to the ground. You just being pressed to the earth. FLAT. (TT____TT)

Maybe I can draw my reaction after I finished collecting the pieces of my broken heart. Or maybe not.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hellow 2014

Been away for almost 1 and a half year hehehehehehe try to live a normal life, it was fun :)
Will try to update more this year

And oh, I've discovered tumblr so hmmm... yeah... I guess hmm... good bye normal social life