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I always love Japanese culture, not sure why. Maybe because of my dad. He was working for Japan company. Sometime he reminiscence about his days when he was in Japan or about the stories that his Japanese boss told to him. Usually we got Christmas and New Year's card from his boss, I found they were very unique and interesting. I still kept some of them :D

My dad introduced me to my first sushi. LOVED them and still do. Too bad they're very expensive when I was a kid. Not much of a choice either. Just the traditional salmon, tuna, tamago, tako, and unagi. Me and brother had to share all of them. So we had to cut them in half. The hardest part was the tako hahaha

I vaguely remembered my first anime, somewhere around Minky Momo and Red&Blue Shadowed Ninja (the TV station translated into our local language, never knew their real title). And then there's Saint Seiya and Doraemon, Candy Candy, and so on.

Then there was the first Japanese drama TV series, Oshin. The whole country seem like being hypnotized by her. Almost everybody knew about it although not much could remembered the story hehe after that there's Tokyo Love Story, Ordinary People and so on.

Popcorn or Seito Shokun was my first manga. The content was too complicated for me as a little kid, I didn't really understand about the story back then. When I read them again as a teenager, I cried. And then there's Sailor Moon!!! I went crazy over this particular manga. It was the reason why I seriously started to learn how to draw. I taught myself. Layer by layers of paper, hour by hours of practice hahaha I even stayed up late to make my own manga aaaaah the good old time :D

Most of the Japanese things I knew was from manga, anime, and Japanese movie. That's why, around 7 or 8 years ago, when I heard about some kind of Japanese-look-alike-event was going to be held near my place, I told myself, MUST GO THERE! Forgot what's it called, it was supposed to be similar to Matsuri. I only remembered that I was overwhelmed by everything.

Here's what I remembered... The event was only for 2 or maybe 3 days and I went there twice. The first day, me and my friend came early. Just went there straight after our classes ended. It was at an open field. Many booth stand side by side with 1 big stage to make it like a rectangle shape if you saw it from the sky.

If I'm not mistaken, the booths was very simple, not much of Japanese writing or decoration. I think most were written in alphabet. But 1 thing for sure, the grrreat smell that filled the air was extra ordinary hahaha I tried almost all of the menu, Takoyaki, Ikayaki, Yakisoba and then I fell in love with 1 particular food or drink to be exact... KAKIGORI! Love ♥ Love ♥ Love it!!!

After finished the first glass, I knew I had to got another one, but maybe later after tried another food. Second glass still as refreshing as the first one. Go munched another food and watched the Mikoshi parade. I had to borrowed my friend's money to buy the third glass. And when the sun set and everybody decided to go home, I asked to borrowed my friend's money again and he didn't lend me. He knew I'll went buy my fourth glass of Kakigori. Darn it! Oh well, I'll came again tomorrow hehehe

Went there at the afternoon on the next day because there will be fireworks as the closing ceremony. Right before the Bon Odori. It was a fantastic event! Too bad I didn't have digital camera at that time, tsk. But hopefully I shall remember this with my heart ;p

Zoom back to 1 week ago.

Jakarta Little Tokyo Ennichisai 2011

\(^o^)/ \(^o^)/ \(^o^)/

My friend sent me invitation via facebook. I asked RD to accompany me since going alone wouldn't be fun. Luckly she agreed. Yaaay!!!

The event only held for 2 days. We went at the second day, it was Sunday. Since me and RD, didn't wanna bumped into too many people, we decided to come early around 10AM. Too early I guess, not many booth has opened, everybody busy preparing this and that. So we took the time to look around.

it said this was the first dashi outside tokyo
I'm a little bit confused, to me dashi is some kind of soup or broth, tried to google it but found nothing, maybe there's so many dashi thing in Japan ;p


lantern inked with many sponsor's names

1st stop, KAKIGORI!!!
rose flavor ;9 yuuummm

grilled sausages

2nd stop, takoyaki
huff uff uff... too hot, save it for later...

3rd stop, japanese beads
piyo piyo chan soooo cute ^^

cute little girl in cute little yukata with cute little bag

4th stop, canvas bag
soooo many simple bags with lovely pattern in this booth

5th stop, sweet taiyaki

the girls was practicing taiko for later performance

playing with bunnies booth

kanzashi booth

6th stop, shotting gallery
RD got Pocari for 0 point, I got 6 points and also got Pocari, not fair...
but maybe they felt sorry for her hahaha

enjoying kakigori after practicing taiko hmmm... speaking of kakigori...

7th stop, second Kakigori!!!
peach flavor ;9 also yuuummmm

11.52 AM
started to get crowded (O___o)

8th stop, korokke and kare
when I first come to this booth to buy their waygu croquette, their chef hasn't arrived yet, got back 2nd time and still no sign of food, third time the charm woo-hooo the chef was preparing curry in that big pan

the croquette was so big for something that almost equal to $1.50 USD, no doubt about the taste, yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm ;9
bought the curry also, very thick curry, I made some chicken katsu the next day, to eat with the curry stew hahaha to reduce the strong flavor

ringoame, apple coated with melted sugar

it was so hot outside, so we decided to cool down inside this japanese restaurant called ajihara

after a while, we heard a lot of noise from the outside, the mikoshi parade has started

scary bodyguard #1

scary bodyguard #2

you don't want to mess with them

ramen eating competition
the guy on the far right was the winner, he ate 7 bowls in 5 minutes

yakisoba booth

last but not least, cosplay (¡O_______o)

kakigori paper glasses

Before went home, I manage to get my third kakigori, framboise flavor ;9 yuuummm from all of that, rose flavor was my fave. On my second kakigori, I just realized the cute print on the paper glass hix too bad I didn't notice it earlier :(
My first glass must be the dark blue with fireworks print.

somewhere between the 6th and 8th stop, I bought the kodama dan maneki neko phone strap and the onee-san from the japanese beads booth gave me suika-ame (watermelon candy) when I was purchasing my second item, so nice of her :)
aaah I wish I bought more stuff... hahaha

Overall, I was having a wonderful time!!!

I hope they will held this kind of event again next year.

\(^o^)/ ~!Banzai!!!

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