Monday, October 3, 2011

Paper Quilling

Twinkle twinkle little stars,
sorry I'm not visiting you lately,
been away to Bali from early August until early September,
since then I've been busy with works and events,
I'll upload some stories and photos later ;)

2 weeks ago, on Thursday night, I just got invitation to my friend's bridal shower from her sister in law aka AS (the one that used to be the bride from Gotcha!!! story). The party was on Sunday but she didn't have any plan on anything except for the food and she asked for my help.

A couple of month ago, I helped my friend RD preparing a bridal shower. So, I still remember what to do. First, plan some games, then decorate the room. I just gave some ideas and AS just agreed almost on everything.

We met on Friday noon to buy some supplies to decorate the room and started the project at night. Since there was only the 3 of us (me, AS, and PP) I try to make some simple decoration with crepe paper. I showed them how to cut and stick those papers. We worked from 8PM until 11PM, we tired but we had fun and happy with the design.

the theme color was red and blue and I insisted on making the pompoms hahaha

On Sunday morning, the bridesmaid brought balloons and banner, made the room more merrier \(^0^)/ The shower went well, everybody had fun despite some problem with the air conditioner (maybe I got talent to become Event Organizer hihihi)

The bride was very happy especially when she opened all the presents. Speaking of present... I didn't have time to buy present for her, uuuuugh, sorry dear (>_<) and I didn't know what to give to her since everybody already gave everything. While I was searching for ideas, somehow paper quilling crossed my mind. And I just instantly like the idea of making a simple initial of the bride and the groom.

For thousand of time, I rely on google to help me find some idea and it never disappointed me. Found this PDF Download for Quilled Alphabet from Quilling Patch. Thank you dear Lisa for sharing these fantastic pattern
\(^o^)/ ~yaaaaay

made a little bit adjustment since the original pattern was too complicated for me ;p

To lovely bride and groom, may you enjoy the new beginning of your life and live a happy married life.

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