Thursday, July 14, 2011

FloLady with Pink&Blue and Totoro Puff

So much had happened for one month.
Let see...
First, I won the Suddenly Ghost Master Competition 2011

\(^o^)/ ~yaaaaaaaaaay!!!

So they allowed me to pick one of their t-shirt design, FloLady, I choose you!!! Fufufu here's me, try to make the photo looked mysterious but still pretty and flowery like the FloLady ;p

muach muach muach thank you suddenly :*

Later on, Munchees had our first 2 tiers wedding cake order.

\(^o^)/ ~yaaaaaaaaaay again!!!

Luckily the bride and groom let us designed what's best for them. They only ask for pink and blue as the theme color.

lovely soft colors

We actually finished a lot faster than our schedule but something happen at night. The fondant at the bottom cake started to crack and puff a little bit. My friend wanted to reassemble the cake but I was too tired, it's 11 PM, we already worked for almost 16 hours. I asked her to wait. If things got worst tomorrow morning, then we should reassemble the cake.

Well, it was. The upper cake also started to crack and puff. While I was driving as fast as I can to her house (we lived nearly 20 km apart), she repaired the upper cake. So when I arrived, I tried to rearrange the little flowers, put a lot more little flowers at the bottom cake as fast as I can. We didn't know what to do with the bottom cake, the only way was prayed for the best hahaha

We arrived too early at the wedding venue. The AC still off, no sign of the the bride and groom, we had to wait inside the car for 1 hour and the fondant started to melt, oh noooooooooooooo!!! We tried our best to prevent the fondant from too much melting but it will only worked for temporary.

We still worried when we presented the wedding cake to the bride and groom. But since they're going to start the wedding ceremony soon, me and my friend could only hope that the cake could last until the cutting scene. We had to leave to somewhere else since we're not invited hehehe

Luckily, the cake survived...
When we came back to collect the cake stands, the bride was really pleased. She and everybody loved the lovely decoration and the cake tasted delicious, everybody seem want a piece. The only thing she felt sorry was not ordering more cupcakes :)

Fiuuuuh... That's a relieved hahaha

It's been 2 weeks after the wedding cake misery. I was so very busy, work here and there, this and that, but suddenly I found this cute Totoro Cream Puff when I was surfing the web. I WANT TO MAKE THAAAAAAT!!! And I did! Hahaha the hell with work, I need a break.

Thank goodness for the internet!
Found a fabulous web that shared the recipe and tutorial in no time, Anna The Red. Went straight to the kitchen and so lucky that I have all the ingredients. Time to bake!!! *BIG GRIN*

It was late (around 10 PM) but I didn't care. There's no rules when or where you want to bake a cake, right? Riiiiight??? Hehehe I failed at my first attempt. Maybe because I'm too excited and not read the tutorial carefully or maybe because too exhausted from stir the dough hahaha anyhow... I tried again the next morning and I saw many Totoro.

totoro totoro *humming the totoro song*

puff! puff! puff!

totoro puffs! so happy when they puffed! \(^0^)/

Thank you Anna The Red!!!


  1. you look as elegant as FloLady!
    thank youuuu for participating in GhostMaster!
    can we put your picture in Sudddeners Album?

  2. These look absolutely adorable! And oh my god, they're standing!! Is it okay if I put the photo of your Totoro cram puffs on the "your food" page on my blog? Also is it okay if I put a link to my facebook fan page? Let me know if it's okay.



  3. Hi Anna,
    oh my, please do, it would be my honor :)
    after all, these Puffy Totoro will never happened without you