Monday, March 28, 2011

Viktor Kee replied my email!!!


Oh gosh!
Oh gosh!
Oh gosh!


Oh gosh!
Oh gosh!
Oh gosh!

Sometimes, if I'm not myself and really out of my mind, I wrote fan mail to some of my idol. So far I only wrote to Jason Castro and Mark Kanemura but no reply from them hehe

Back to 2008, the first time I follow American Idol from the audition to their final episode. I never fully watched 1 season or any season. Me and my bestest freind, WW, both of us suddenly love this season 7. I rooted for David Cook and she rooted for Jason Castro. She was crazy in love with him hahaha so I made this artwork just to make fun of her.

the frog prince stuffed doll was my birthday present that I just received from my other bestie

I showed it to her via YM, she was shocked, just saying "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" and suddenly disconnected hahahaha

After a while, she online again and asked me if I wanted to sent the print out version to Jason Castro in USA. She was too shy to sent her artwork by herself. We send it and we never know what happened to our artwork. Did Jason Castro really saw them or they just lay down with another ton of fan mails.

turned them into mini pop-up book

Later, I just realized, I never send anything to David Cook hahahaha

Then in 2010, I watched the So You Thing You Can Dance Season 4 and fell in love with Mark Kanemura. He has a very weird dance style. Very unique. Just loving it hehehe I just send him a fan mail, maybe someday I will make some artwork and present it to him :)

Now, back to Viktor Kee.


I almost fell of my chair when I saw his reply. Only 30 mins after I send my email. Maybe I was just right in time when he was checking his email hihihi lucky ^^

just a very short one but I was really really really happy and burst with joy

As a token of gratitude, I made him this drawing.

based on the postcard from Voyage de la Vie souvenir shop

I hope he will like it :)

I hope it can made his day the same way he made my day :D

I also made this funny cartoon but too afraid to sent it to him hehe not sure if he will appreciate the joke ;p because I think juggling for him is sacred. It was after all his job and his passion.

maybe this is what will happen if I really shout out his name during his performance hehehe

one more time wont hurt anybody...

Viktor Kee, you are truly AMAZING!!!


  1. Nice painting. Love it. Will post it on my Page at facebook
    Viktor Kee

  2. *blushing*
    Sooooooo glad you like it \(^v^)/
    I really hope to see you perform another act in Asia real soon!!!