Saturday, March 26, 2011

Viktor Kee, you are AMAZING!!!

I really wish I shout his name out loud ;p

a postcard that I bought at the souvenir shop

A sudden and short trip to Singapore. Bought the plane ticket on Friday (depart at 7.30 on Tuesday and arrive back at 22.10 on Thursday) then I browse the web and booked the ticket for the Voyage de la Vie show. I never booked online tickets before, the Resort World Sentosa crew were really nice and gave me tutor step by step :)

I didn't know why I cannot go to sleep that Monday night, maybe because I drank too much coffee or maybe I'm just too excited to finally see my beautiful / amazing / talented juggler hihihi

First time I knew about Viktor Kee was nearly 10 years ago. I saw some bargain VCDs on some shop. The cover really mesmerized me. When I run the VCD and saw him, it was love at first sight. Viktor Kee and Cirque du Soleil. My journey began. Gonna be a very long journey chasing The Cirque du Soleil ;p

my first cirque du soleil live show was zaia at the venetian hotel-macau back at 2009, maybe I can blog about it someday :D

Tuesday, 22 March 2011
Arrived at Changi airport around 9.30 local time. A little bit cloudy with some drizzle. So me and mom decided to take cab. Apparently, we got ourself one sophisticated cab. See it for yourself.

taximeter, driver's info and also his cellphone, card swipe, radio, gps, and not sure what was the tiny machine on the upper left.

After put our luggage at the rental apartment room, we went to Mustafa Center to meet my stupid friend and had some lunch. The server a little bit scary, no smile on his face, he's dark and hairy everywhere. But when my mom order some Teh Tarik, he repeated, "Teh tarik for mama." all of us laugh and he finally smiled at us.

lemme see... it's okra, palak paneer, chicken tikka, and naan bread, all is goooooood fooooood :9

With our stomach full, me and my mom continued our trip to Marina Bay Sands, my stupid friend had to go back to work hahaha bye-bye NiQ, thanx for accompanying us :D

The Marina Bay Sands it's one FREAKING ENORMOUSLY HUGE building. I'm not sure where were we when we get off from the bus but this is our first view from inside the building.

think it's the hotel lobby

Bought tickets for the show at the receptionist table.

it's almost full, not really a good seat though, 2nd floor, 5th row from the back, but at least we got the tickets :)

Then we went to the 56th floor.

??? on progress

the singapore flyer

esplanade, art museum, and floating stage

buildings of banks

the elevator to go back down

We walked pass the casino and arrived at the shopping center.

somewhere around the 1st floor

man made river inside the mall

what suppose to be a romantic boat trip

somewhere around the 2nd floor

nice view from the 3rd floor

classy twinings cafe

somewhere around the 3rd floor

the art museum

somewhere outside the 3rd floor

Time to watched the show.

the theater

the theater grand lobby 1st floor

view from the 2nd floor

inside the theater

The show was fabulous!!!
The 1st 60 mins told the story about little Simba, break for 15 mins, then the 2nd 60 mins told the story about the adult Simba. I love the costumes and the props, I know I was sitting too far to pay attention to the details but I'm sure they must be really really cool :D

love the SCAR character, his costume, his cocky attitude, and his voice, villains are so cool hahahaha

on the way to find taxi's queue

We're a little late and the queue probably 15 meters long or more but the service was really fast and the taxi always available. Probably only took us 30 mins waiting.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011
I'm woke up a little bit late, kinda exhausted from yesterday's excitements hahaha today's trip was to go to Jurong Bird Park. I know Jurong was far from Orchard but never knew it was really really reallllyyyyy far (-___________-)

It said 51 mins long but I didn't know why our MRT terminated 3 times in here and there. So we had to wait for another and another and another MRT to pick us up. So it took almost 1 and a half hours for us to get there. Thank goodness the weather's nice. Time to have fun :D

First stop, Pinguins!!!

this little guy stood near the the cage fence, when I took his pictures, his friend that wasn't far from him, tapped my camera hihihi looked like his friend also wanted me to take his pictures

the jealous penguin was the one on the right

We didn't explore the whole park. It was so big and we're too tired to walk around hahaha so we just visited some of it. We saw the Parakeets and got the change to feed them. Then there's Flamingos, Macaws, and Pelicans.

very nice and clean environments

Funny story on the Pelican cage. Looked like most of them were enjoying their nap time. So when I got closer to one of them to get some pictures, he suddenly opened his eyes. I almost jumped. Uh-oh bad mood Pelican...

please don't eat me...

found this red telephone box near the entrance/exit gate, quick, dial 62442

you've arrived at the magical world...
hehehe it's the view from 2nd floor of the railway station

Next trip, Resort World Senrosa.
The one I've been longing for.
The Voyage de la Vie show.
Viktor Kee!!! ;;)

We went to Vivo City to have dinner. Me and my mom really love Vivo City's food court near the Sentosa Express Station and our favorite menu is Rojak. I forgot to take the picture of it since I've been craving that Rojak for so long hahaha

3 times to Vivo City, 3 times to this food court ;p

Didn't have time to explore the Resort, we arrived only 1 hour before the show started. Since, I was borrowing my cousin credit card to buy the online tickets, I was afraid there's gonna be some problem. So we just looked around very quickly, snap here and there, then went to the Festive Grand.

cute decoration from one of the candy store

lake of dreams

festive grand receptionist

didn't realized it before but it was 3RD ROW FROM THE CENTER STAGE!!! BEST SEAT EVER!!!

I wanna told the so many cool acts of the show, but I had to drew some pictures first hehehe maybe so other time. But 1 thing for sure...

The show was AWEEESOMEEE!!!
For me, it's much much better than the Lion King show hehe I always love live performance, especially circus. I already watched so many circus show on VCDs, DVDs, and even on the TV but the feeling to watch it live is fantastic. The set, the thrill, their speed and accuracy, and the fact that this time the stage was only 2 meters away from where I sat was truly a wonderful experience.

there, there he is, the most handsome guy, the one on the far right side with high collar red clothes, my darling juggler

Viktor Kee, you are AMAZING!!!

I really wish I shout his name out loud that time hahaha I was overwhelm by the fact that I could see him perform his act live, right in front of my eyes. It was like one of my dreams come true and I just didn't know what to do except clapping my hand so hard and hold my tears hahaha yes, my eyes were wet from too much happiness :'D

I was thinking if I could wait a little longer so they can change their costume and then I could greed them when they came out from the Festive Grand maybe I could get some pictures with the cast but too bad that didn't happen. My mom was so tired and wanted to get some rest, so we went back to the apartment.

Until now, I still regret why I didn't shout Viktor Kee's name hahaha next time I meet somebody special, I shall remember to shout their name out loud. Disregard all other people hahaha

Thursday, 24 March 2011
Last day. Since both of us very tired, we just chilled out from mall to mall around Orchard hehehe overall it was a lovely trip. I almost got broke from buying all those ticket shows not to forget the plane tickets and apartment rent but no worries, it was all worthed :)

Viktor Kee, you are truly AMAZING!!!

Hopefully, I can watch some other Cirque du Soleil show ;)
Wish me luck!

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  1. can't blame your overwhelming excitement, yo. Kee IS truly amazing. you know, i actually can feel your excitement from what you wrote here :) musta hell of a show, eh? since you repeating yourself, hahahaha...