Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Monsters Cupcakes

Been very very busy lately huhuhu so here's some quick review of some things that happened between December 2010 until March 2011 ;p

In December, I worked together with my beautiful and talented friend who also has a passion for decorating cake. Our best friend's little sister was having Alice in Wonderland Sweet 16th Party. We took charge in making the birthday cake and we choose to make Topsy Turvy Mad Hatter cake. It's our first time working together and our first time making topsy turvy cake. We looked so many videos, read so many books, texts, writing, anything about how to make topsy turvy cake for dummies hahaha

My friend already bake the cake so I went to her place very early in the morning just to decorate it. It took almost 16 hours just to decorate the cake, my oh my... We present the cake to the birthday girl on the next day. She was really happy so did both of us, tired but very pleased with the result :)

topsy turvy mad hatter chesire cat cake

and here's the Blue Rose Cupcakes

In January, we worked together again for 1 month baby anniversary cake. We had to make 12 mini cakes and 50 boxes of 4 cupcakes in just 2 days. Thank goodness everything finished just in time. Many people came to help us :')

it's a baby girl

Later in January, I received some call for my friend's friend, she wanted to discuss about farewell gift for our friend who was going to Rotterdam. She gave me blank note book and asked me to draw some characters from their circle of friends at the cover and also some comic about them inside the note book. She told me everything about them, who to draw, what they do, their hobbies etc. But it's not enough for the comic part.

I only got 3 days to draw and thanks to the internet, everybody pitching in some funny stories about them and my friend who's leaving to Rotterdam. And I manage to finished just in time

a recycle note book from recycle paper by unicef

Nothing much happened in February except my birthday that didn't feel like a birthday because I was busy to work and because it's 1 day before the Chinese New Year hahaha everybody focus on the big CNY celebration :))

Oh, my neighbour adopt new puppy named Bruno, soooooo cute \(>v<)/

here boy

I made this Little Monsters Cupcakes 3 days ago for my editor's sons.

raaawr raaawr raaawr

I also drew the box :D

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