Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cute Purple Giant

It's so HOT in Jakarta lately. And like always, I refuse to use AC hahaha me and my stupid principals. I don't want my body to rely on AC all the time, too much global warming ;p so I push myself to get used to the climate and here I am, sweating like a pig hahahaha

Anyway, I just remember about my last month illustration, The Legend of SangHyang Tikoro. About a ugly giant that having a battle with some handsome dude to win the love of this beautiful girl. Handsome dude won, the ugly giant couldn't handle his lost and created a heavy rain storm on those lovely couple's village. The ugly giant's dad who discovered about his son cowardness, punished him to drink all the flood from the rain. Until now, you still can see the ugly giant swallowing all those water at SangHyang Tikoro Cave at Bandung, West Java. Of course, it's not a real giant, it's just a river that ended in some cave, duh.

The giant looks cute right? I know, I can't draw scary giant!!! I almost frustrated that time. At first, the face expression looked promising but then I don't know why my hand automatically made him chubby. Cute and chubby. *banging my heads on the desk* FAILED!!!

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  1. just wanna drop by and say...
    SO HOT!!!!! i can't think brain is overheated!!

    love the monster....not so scary and really suits the children... nice job!!