Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beverly Adams

Okay, please don't be surprise about this post. It is quite contrary of my usual self. But there's this ghost master competition and I'm interested in joining just because I need a black canvas bag hahaha I know, lame ;p

Here's the thing, when I was a child, I had 2 dolls named Nina&Bobo. Taken from the famous lullaby, Ninabobo. They looked like old-antique-ancients kind of dolls. Dolls that looked like a little kid with blank expression. Long eye lashes and sometimes a pair of eye that can blink. My mum said, I always carried them wherever I go. Even when we were moving from Bandung to Jakarta by train. I was 3 years old back then. She said while she carried my 1 year old brother and some luggage, I was following her through the station platform by pushing Nina&Bobo inside a strolled that supposed to carry me and or my brother.

I love my dolls; Nina&Bobo (and my other stuffed animals). I never been afraid of them since there's a ghost movies about THAT kind of dolls. The famous one is errr... I don't want to mention it, yeah, I think everybody knows what I mean. I hate those kind of movies!!! HATED THEM!!! Since then, I always scared and couldn't sleep well. I had to put them in the crate. Hix... Sorry guys... :(

That's why, I choose old-antique-ancients kind of dolls to create of my kind of ghost. Hopefully, can reduce the fear I have for them.

The name is Beverly Adams. A spoiled little girl in early Victorian era. On her 7th birthday, she got this gorgeous doll from her parents. The doll’s golden brown locks hair shined, her smooth cheeks blushed, her green eyes glazed back at Beverly. Beverly had never seen such a beautiful thing in her whole life. It was love at first sight. She named her Henrietta Maxine Gilmore-Adams. (You have to put your surname to your doll’s last name so she became a part of the family). Soon after, they became unseparated.

Henrietta, or you can call her Ettie, always at Beverly’s side. During her time from having breakfast and study; English, France, history etc but not mathematic (Ettie hates math) to lunch, piano lesson, afternoon tea (especially afternoon tea ooh how they love the scones and fruit cakes), dinner, and the good night sleep.

On one lovely day, her mom presented Beverly with one lovely present. Dusty pink colored dress with roses printed, laces, and bows. After she put it on, mom presented Beverly with another lovely surprise. A smaller dress for Ettie! It has the same material, completed with a matched hat. She was over joy!

That night, Beverly slept with that lovely matching dress. Ettie too. But something strange happened. Beverly couldn’t breathe. It was hot. So hot! She opened her eyes and she was surrounded by fire. Her room was on fire. Her house was burning. She called mom and dad. Anybody. No one yelled back. She was scared. So scared!

She grabbed Ettie and slowly walked out of her room, through the hallway, to the stairs. Just a little bit further. She heard loud cracked sound. Next thing she knew, she was flying straight to a burning floor. She can saw her body lying on the floor. Blood flowed from her neck. She can saw Ettie. Ettie, her gorgeous doll. A pair of green eyes glazed back at her, “Ettie, help... Help me, Ettie…”.

Beverly Adams burned head and body was buried at the Park Cemetery. Along with her doll. And that’s the story of the beloved daughter (and doll) of Adams Family, Beverly Adams. Wait the minute… The Adams never had a kid named Beverly. Supposed to be someone else… Someone whose name starts with H.

I really put a lot of effort in this illustration. Have fun with lots of details. I even scanned my shirt to get the roses pattern and used this brushes for the wallpaper. I'm happy with the result though :) Hope I can win the prize hihihi


  1. Awe...I thought it will be more bloody and sinister. But I love the color and grudge effect. Two thumbs up Pinky. Good luck!

  2. thank you your majesty queen bitch ^^
    i do want to make it more bloody and sinister but... i'm afraid i'm gonna scare the shit out of me hahaha i think i'm gonna leave that part for you ;)

  3. dammit, yo! really freaks me out! XP

  4. dammit, yo! really freaks me out! XP

  5. bwahahaha but everybody said she looks nice rather than creepy :))