Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The 1st Li-El Series

My first children storybook is finally being published yaaaaayyy!!! \(^o^)/

13 short stories about Emerald Aurelia Pradnyaparamita a.k.a. Li-El.
Li-El is a very active little girl. Like all little girls, she loves to play and have fun with all of her friends. Although her curiosity sometime lead her to trouble. But worry not, her funky mother always be at her side and share some weird wisdom. All well, ends well :)

Here's some sneak peek...

Too bad it's B&W due to the publisher policy but still, I'm sooooo haaaaappppyyyyyyy ^^
It was almost 4 years when me and Ied, the creator/writer, day-dreaming about this hahahaha it came true, Ied, it came trueeee yaaaaayyy!!!

Can't wait for my next cute project, Shari and Little Lily! ;)

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