Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garden Party

Last weekend my niece from Surabaya came. She and her big bro was having an appointment with their eye doctor. It was a very very short trip for them but I made a promise to bake her strawberry cupcakes for her next trip to Jakarta. I never make any strawberry cupcakes before. So, I Google and found some random recipe and made little adjustment.
So there I was. 7AM in the morning with table full of ingredients. Mixed, swift, fold, bake. My cousin-in-law told me she should be coming around 12 at noon for lunch. But suddenly she had to canceled it because her son was having fever. They will be leaving the hospital at 10AM. I looked at the clock and it was 9AM. I should be able to catch them. The hospital wasn't that far from home. Luckily the cupcakes already set, only need a little decoration. Strawberry jam, cookie crumble, cute fondant and chop chop chop it's harvest time!!!

Hahahaha I was inspired from Hello, Cupcake!
And I choose those theme because my cousin love to play Farmville.

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