Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Christmas Time is Here

Yesterday was a bit tiring but happy day :D
My childhood friend from Ausie came. We've first met at some school project, 5th grade Elementary School. She and her family move to Perth in the middle of 1st year Junior High. But she always come back to Jakarta each year around Christmas or New Year. The first time she visited after she left Jakarta for Perth, she brought me candy cane and chocolate. That's the first time I knew candy cane and loving it since hahahaha I know, childish, but can't help it ;p
Ever now and then, she always brought candy cane and chocolate, always different flavored, mint, cherry, chocolate hahaha love you, Aileen *hug*

We were suppose to watch movie and meet at 10 o'clock at her house. I want to surprise her with some cupcakes. Woke up at 7 am and started decorate the cupcakes (already bake them the night before). I miscalculated (and a bit underestimated) the timing. I didn't expect it took 4 hours to decorate them. But I was overjoy with the final result. To me, it was wonderful. I'm happy and so did she. Yaaay!!!

We went to see Ninja Assassin with her brother, Andre and her cute cousin, Jessica. I was a brutal movie (@_@) part of body sliced and flew here and there, blood scatter everywhere, Jessica kept shrieking on every fighting scene hahahaha I was a little bit shock at first but couldn't help to laugh when the blood burst like tomato sauce. No, I'm not some lunatic sadistic but to me it didn't look realist. Thank goodness for that or I'll be scare like Jessica. I hate horror movies and blood. Give me chills...

After that we went home, I had to attend my Japanese language. The time's short, I drove to the place as fast as I could but haiyah it was cancelled coz the sensei couldn't come. Grrr... Drove back to home and went to sleep. Woke up around 7 PM, right about time to watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE season 4 on AXN. I know it's last season but didn't complaint coz I always love to see people dancing. I'm crazy about this 1 contestant, Mark Kanemura kyaaaa he's so cute and talented. I like him from his first audition but fell in love when he picked up his nose in front of the camera. OH MY GOD, DID HE REALLY DO THAT?! Hahahahaha
I always love cute cooky guy :)

Later that night, went to nearby mall to meet my friend. Love the Christmas decoration inside the mall. Teddy bears everywhere!

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