Monday, November 23, 2009

Irish Cream Cheesecake

It was perfect..
Looked good, chocolatey-beautiful round shape...


It ruined!
I should know it was too early to cut it, but it looked firm hix..

The cookie-based scrambled. The cream distorted. The caker screamed in frustration, "NOOoO~ooOoO~OoOoOoooOOOooOoO!!!

I tried to fix it but it got worst. I almost cried but I wasn't going to give up.
Took some plastic glass and scoop what's left of the cake into it. Gave a little whipped cream and cute decoration. Put it together with cute stuffed animals and here it is...

Oggy the hedgehog and Abby the rabbit enjoying their Irish Cream Cheesecake in a pot (^ ^)

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