Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Massie Marshmallow

Oh dear, it's been a year since the last Ghost Master Competition. Time sure flies by fast.

Here's my entry for Ghost Master Competition 2012.
Massie Marshmallow the Ghost.

Made that really fast, speed light fast hahahaha the competition ended April 13th 2012 and that Friday morning, ghostgirl (one of Suddenly Sudden creator) asked if I would participate for this year competition. I didn't notice that day was the last day of competition, I had to make something, I had to make it fast.

2 years ago I made some serious illustration, Beverly Adams. Oh dear, I really need to polish my digital illustration expertise hahaha last year I made a funny comic about moments when you really need something and you knew you had it and put it somewhere but you just couldn’t find it. You searched here and there, almost frustrated, and suddenly it was in front of your eyes. I always wonder how did that happened? And I’m sure that other people also had experience like that hahaha that’s the story behind the creation of Clifton and Miss Danielle.

This year, I had to make something else. I was planning to bake some scary cake but it will be time consuming. I looked for inspiration and found marshmallow. Could I make something scary from something cute? First idea was to make another comic but using photos instead of hand drawing. I already had the storyline inside my head. But since I didn’t have colorful marshmallow and too lazy to buy them, I just had to draw again but I made vector illustration so it would be different from last year hand drawing :D

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