Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hop Hop Hop

Happy Easter!!!

This cute roll cake was inspired from a very talented decororu creator, Junko.

Every year, I went to Singapore with my mom to deal with some stuff. This year we went separately. She was going with her angklung buddies. Let me explained something... In 2003 my dad got stroke and joined some stroke club to get some treatment. It was like school for people who got stroke and he went there almost everyday. They have angklung lesson every Wednesday. When my dad passed away in 2008, my mom still go to the the angklung lesson, to get socialize and gives courage or sometimes share her stories about how deal with stroke people.

So, my mom and her angklung buddies were going to Singapore on 19-21 April 2012. I was planning to accompany my mom but decided not to at the last minute. My other reason to go to Singapore was to watch Wicked but when I looked at their itinerary, it's impossible to separate myself if I was joining the group. So I went there with my lovely editor, Mrs Vanda-san.

At first I was only kidding when I asked her if she wanted to watch Wicked with me. Strangely enough she agreed and I let her decided the date since she was very busy. We agreed on 7-9 April 2012. We only got a week to booked everything. First the hotel, we got a very great deal at Hotel Fragrance Bugis, then the Wicked tickets show, and we got problem booking the plane tickets. Something about security code so we had to go to the Jet Star office to buy the tickets, it was 6 April 2012 we can bought from another airlines but theirs were the cheapest hehehe

First day at Singapore, we were greet by my friend, the sleepy stewardess, Elin hehehe she took us to have lunch at her fave dim sum place, Victor's Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza then showed us new home&lifestyle shop, King&King Wong at NEX after that visit the Henderson wave bridge before went to Marina Bay Sands.

Back to the hotel, my flat shoes finally reached it's limit hahahaha the sole broke maybe it's already broke since the beginning but I just noticed it at the Henderson wave bridge and hope it could survive until we got back to the hotel and it did, fiuuuhhhh, I can save myself from the embarrassment of walking bare feet ;p

Second day, we had breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast at Bugis Junction basement foodcourt, went to Spotlight shop at Plaza Singapura to buy circle loom knitting for my mom and visited Mrs Vanda-san's relative at Mount Elizabeth Hospital then went to King&King Wong at NEX again to buy some cute glass jars before heading to Vivo City. Had dinner at the Food Republic and I met with my other friend NiQ and enjoying Fruit Paradise pies while Mrs Vanda-san enjoy the Song of The Sea show at Sentosa. She had a very very poor sense of direction, so I had to show her the way to Sentosa from Vivo City early that evening before she went there by herself that night. Luckily she managed not to get lost yaaaaay =))

Third and last day, we went to Bugis Junction to had breakfast at Toast Box. Checked out and put our luggage at the hotel reception and walked around the hotel to kill some time before we could check in our luggage at the airport. I just knew that our hotel was near the Bras Basah Complex so we went there. And I always know there's some craft shop that I was willing to visit every time I went to Singapore but never had the change and finally... finally I was there. Oh my, I was sooooo excited!!! I wish I can buy so many things but my luggage couldn't fit anything anymore and I was afraid of overweight since the hotel didn't have a scale aaaarrrrgghhhh...!!!

We also visited Popular and Basheer book shop and once again I had to maintain myself huhuhu those books... So tempting... Not to forget so many cheap second hand books around the complex... Must... Control... Myself... Uuurggghh...

Next time, next time I shall let myself shop till drop hahahaha

Later that night, after we back at Jakarta, Mrs Vanda-san forgot to claim the cufflinks that she bought at Bugis Junction for her husband hahahaha I asked NiQ if he's willing to get it for us since he was planning to go to Jakarta that weekend and the department store was near his place. I sent him map of where we bought it, roughly sketch of how it looked like, and the photo of the receipt. Luckily the department store's staff believe him and Mrs Vanda-san got her cufflinks the next Monday. As a token of appreciation, Mrs Vanda-san cooked some of her signature dish and gave it to me so I could pass it on to NiQ.

2 weeks later, it's mom's turn to enjoy Singapore, glad to hear that she also had fun. But then mom thought there's a little problem with our stuff and asked me to check if there any cheap flight to Singapore ASAP. It was April 1st 2012 and I found cheapest plane ticket on 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th April 2012. Mom picked the 3rd April and we just flew back to Singapore that instant hahahaha

It was sooooo funny because me and my mom always joke about going to Singapore only for 1 day like all jetsetter and we actually did it.

We went straight to Orchard road to have lunch at ION then deal with our stuff. After that, enjoying our time at Kinokuniya Takashimaya. I wished to find Harry Potter "bible" hahahaha and luckily I did hihihihi so happy and so heavy =))

There, my mom found Decororu book (I think that's what I heard when the shopkeeper told me) but it was in Japanese and there's some in Chinese. I asked if they have the same book in English but none. They told me to try and check her website for further information.

Since I didn't have the confidence in reading Japanese and my mom's Chinese also limited, I decided maybe later I could check the website. So I bought only the Harry Potter. When I wanted to pay, there's trouble with our credit card. I had to borrow my mom's money since I didn't bring enough.

Mom told me to check the card at the nearest bank, which was 1 km from Takashimaya. Since it was far, I let mom rest at Takashimaya food court at the basement. There was a Spring Hokkaido Festival. So much Japanese foooooooooods...! I always love Japanese food festival!!!

sooo soft... sooo cheesy... sooo yummy...

After a quick strolling, found my mom a chair to seat and order her some drinks, I went to the bank. Apparently I need passport to proceed which I cleverly enough to left inside my other bag with my mom *facepalm* I also left my cellphone there haizzz...

I went back to Takashimaya then let myself cool down by strolling around the festival once again. I saw some stall that sell Seafood Bento Box, I was begging the chef to sell me the bento box without the rice, I told him I was willing to pay the full price since I couldn't eat too much rice but he wouldn't do it hix I wanted to try the uni (sea urchin) and king crab's leg huhuhu I ended up buying the king crab's leg at the other stall, 1 pair for 10 SGD.

Gain some power and went back to the bank, this time with my mom, we walked as fast as we can because it already 3.30 PM, we afraid the bank will closed soon. We were right on time fiuuuhhhh...

After that, mom wanted to go to Bugis Junction so we did. We accidentally found a small shop at the corner of Bugis Junction food court that sell Japanese snacks on our way to have a break at Toast Box. I noticed a small triangle package of wasabi pistachio Ivy gave me a while ago. I love them, I don't like wasabi too much but I though those are unique.

wasabi, chilli, original, and seaweed

I also found some dried cuttlefish with sesame seed, one of funny snacks WaiWai gave me from her trip to Japan

Then, I showed my mom the Bras Basah Complex, she was fascinating by 1 needle set at The Art Friend, too bad it's a sharp object, we couldn't bring with us since we only brought cabin luggage. Next time, hopefully next time we had the change hehehe

At Bugis Junction, I bought Subway sandwich for our dinner. From there we went to Changi by MRT, I forgot it was the peak hour. A little crowded but we managed to get there just in time. While waiting for the plane, we ate the Subway sandwich, mom loved it. And since there was a 30 minutes delay, she asked me if there's any Subway counter in Changi and told me to buy 2 more to bring it back to Jakarta hahahaha

Ah ya, since I carried the Harry Potter book all the way, my arms got cramp hahahaha

Back in Jakarta, I checked Junko's website, she put some recipes and I used Google Translate to help me understanding those ingredients and directions, it said Heart-shaped Strawberry Cake Roll. I decided to try those on 6th April 2012. First attempt, failed. I think I was afraid that the dough will get burn so I used small fire. After 40 minutes of baking, it still not set and I accidently torned the cake because it still sticked to the wax paper.

Second attempt, failed, again. I forgot to put the flour hahahaha

Third time's a charm, and it did, although it's not as good as I was hoping for but I though it's okay :D

From 9 AM till 6 PM, I didn't know why I was so driven to make this roll cake hahahaha I had to clean every utensils every time I need to try new attempt, talking about determination hahahaha

There was some leftover egg yolks and whipping cream and still I didn't know why I pushed myself to make Frozen Parfait. I went to nearest supermarket to buy strawberries and still keep myself busy late night that day. Recipe from What's For Lunch, Honey? and I modified a bit.

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