Saturday, May 2, 2015

Konnichiwa Japan~


It's been my DREAM to come and visit this beautiful, magnificent, wonderful country... And then, after 5 years of saving money, one of my DREAM finally came trueee...

I traveled with my 2 friends. After long discussion, we decided just to visit 3 city; Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. Since we're not backpackers (and not young anymore), visiting too many cities gonna take a lot of effort hehehe and we got no problem with the airplane ticket, gonna arrived in Osaka then departure from Tokyo, perfect. 3 days in Osaka, 3 days in Kyoto and 6 days in Tokyo, YAY!

It took 3-4 months preparation. My job was to gather information and make itinerary. I took the liberty to make a very detailed one; which bus, which subway, how long it's gonna be and a draft of daily expenses for transportation and tickets show. Oh, and an option in case plan A B or C not working. Like I said before, a VERY DETAILED one. Fell free to contact me if you want to see it ;)

This are some useful website that I used to look for references

My friend D, was supposed in charge of booking hotel, since she got a lot of requirements. And our friend A, was supposed in charge of slashing her credit card hahahaha
D was a Disney fans, she requested we should go to both Disneyland and Disneysea and also stay at their resort. So, Tokyo Disney Resort is our first booked hotel. Only for 2 days, just before we're back to Jakarta.

Many of our friend recommended that we should stay at ryokan (traditional Japanese house) and enjoy outdoor onsen (hot spring). But since D is too shy to get naked, we scratched that from our list hahaha but I still want to experience ryokan...

And then I heard about this website, airbnb. It's like a website that give you information to search and book a hotel/hostel, but instead of hotel/hostel it's local house/apartment with local host. How great is that?! And I found a nice place to stay in the middle of Kyoto. It's not like a typical ryokan with this and that service, onsen, nor dinner/breakfast but it's a Japanese traditional house. Just like in comic books hahaha

We booked the ~ kyoto garden house great ~ and I'll tell you more about it later. Oh, if anybody interested in booking some place using airbnb, call me, I have some airbnb voucher to spare ;)

We still need to book 2 more hotel, in Osaka and Tokyo. In the middle of hotel searching, my cousin told me about this travel club, dreamtrips. It said that they will always give the cheapest price for every travel facility; airplane ticket, hotel, car rental, etc. If there's any website that  give cheaper price than them, they will pay the differences. And I'm hooked! Hahaha I join the club, became their members and planning to use it to book some hotel. Yeah!

Since D was a little busy back then, the search of our hotel had been stalled for at least 1 month before our departure time... And resulting us in panic mode! It was very hard to find triple room or any twin room with extra bed since most of Japanese hotel has compact room. Most affordable hotel were booked and full.

I found some affordable hotel in dreamtrips website which what they said was true, they offer almost $7-$12 cheaper per night. But since D was in a great panic state, she already booked some hotel through a travel agency. Ah well, that too bad....... In case anybody interested about the dreamtrips, don't hesitate to contact me ;)

That's it!

All set! 

JAPAN, here I comeee...!!!

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