Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Avengers

Watched The Avengers last Monday whiiiiiyyyyyyyyy \(^o^)/
Thanks to dear Angely who has been such an angel to queue for the tickets hehehe it's a great great grrreat movie, awesome, magnificent, amazing etc hahahaha I really enjoy it and loving it :D

That's why I have the urge to make this silly drawing. Based on their fighting and arguing with one another and the fact even though you have super power, super suit, or demigod somebody else still can beat the crap out of you hahahaha

1 comment:

  1. Panel 1
    Thor : Headbutt??? Me??? Take that human!!!
    Iron Man : Whoops, didn't see that coming...!

    Panel 2
    Captain America : Uh-oh, he seems angry, better take cover behind my mighty shield
    Thor : NOW, I didn't see that coming...

    Panel 3
    Steve Rogers : "Big man in a suit armor? Take that away and what are you?"
    Tony Stark : "Hmmm genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" \:>

    Panel 4
    Loki : Oh my dear Odin, just lay still, Loki... Play dead, play dead! Don't breath, it will go soon...
    Hulk : Hurrgh, "Puny God!"

    Panel 5
    Basically I saw Loki as Spock just because he had 3 horns hahahaha